Return to Classes – Adults 4th August

We have been working towards a return to classes and have developed the following plan to train again within the rules that are in place to keep everyone safe during this time. These rules will make training a little bit different for the foreseeable future and will not allow us to return to kids classes just yet.

As we are a full-contact martial art, we can return during Stage 3 restrictions. We plan to return to adults classes on Tuesday 4th August at 6:30 pm.
The general rule of Get In, Train and Get Out applies.

Here are the rules we need to abide by for safe training:

  1. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK (even if you have mild symptoms of colds or flu stay at home until you are completely free of symptoms).
  2. Follow good respiratory hygiene. Avoid touching your face. Cough into an elbow if you need to. Use hand sanitizer regularly.
  3. Upon arrival, you MUST REGISTER your attendance on the provided tablet.
  4. Wear a clean uniform for each class (launder between classes) and observe good personal hygiene.
  5. Bring your own equipment (weapons, uniforms) and do NOT SHARE them with others. Disinfect weapons before and after use.
  6. Arrive already dressed in your uniform (there are no change-room facilities allowed)
  7. Clean your hands (use alcohol hand sanitiser or wash hands thoroughly with soap and water) prior to entering the dojo space, and after you leave.
  8. Mats must be disinfected before and after each class. All students are expected to disinfect their own training area. We will provide disinfectant equipment.
  9. Students are to train with only ONE PARTNER, and in ONE AREA for the duration of class
  10. There are no guest observers allowed in class, and groups of people are to NOT congregate in the entry area.

Children’s classes

At this stage, we cannot run children’s classes, as we cannot be responsible for unsupervised children under 12yrs of age and we cannot allow parents to congregate at the dojo. If your child is in the children’s classes but turning 12, you may consider enrolment in adults classes.

Children’s classes, when they resume, will be progressively re-introduced, starting with the older age group (8yrs and up). The decision to re-start each age group will depend on a number of factors, including allowing parents into the space, and any changes in the situation with the COVID-19 response in Queensland.