Welcome to 2021

Classes are back on for 2021 with some changes to the schedule.
Classes will be held on Tuesday afternoons only starting 2nd Febuary.

Kids classes
Kids classes now Tuesday from 5:45pm for ages 6 and up

The change to the age groups is to facilitate merging of the two kids classes into one. Age group applies to new students; so if your child is yonger but attended classes in 2019 or 2020 then they are welcome to the new class.

Adults classes
Adults now on Tuesday from 6:30pm

2021 Price list

Adults (16 and over)Kids
Annual Membership#$100$50
Casual Class$20$15

Fees have changes to reflect the timetable changes. As always please come see me at class if you have any question or concerns. Hope to see you all again soon.