Welcome to Aikido Brisbane. Teaching Kokikai Aikido in Brisbane for over 20 years.

Kokikai Aikido Brisbane

Aikido Kokikai Brisbane with Aikido kanji

Aikido Brisbane is a proud member of the global Aikido Kokikai family.

Kokikai Aikido is taught in accordance with the four principles developed by our founder and president, Shuji Maruyama Sensei.

  • Keep One Point to develop calmness
  • Relax progressively
  • Find correct posture in everything
  • Develop your positive mind

James Moss is an experienced practitioner of Aikido Kokikai and is the Dojo leader and Chief Instructor. He regularly attends annual camps and seminars with Maruyama Sensei and other Kokikai instructors from all over Australia and Japan.

James Sensei provides a safe, friendly and relaxed training environment where students can unlock their full potential studying Aikido.