Aikido is a martial art for self-defence and self fulfilment. Aikido brings mind and body together to help realise your potential and provides effective skills for self-defence. At Aikido Brisbane we have classes for adults and for children from 4 years of age. Come in and enjoy a safe, non-competitive and fun environment.

James Moss (4th Dan) has been teaching Aikido in Brisbane for over 10 years, is a certified instructor with Aikido Kokikai Australia and Blue Card holder.

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Our children’s classes are aimed at building co-ordination, awareness and self confidence. Learn more about Kokikai Aikido for kids here.

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New Dojo is fantastic

It’s February and classes at the new dojo are back in full swing.  In case you haven’t heard we have moved to a new location, withNew mats and air-conditioning! We are now located upstairs at the Nazareth Church Hall, 12 Hawthorn Street Woolloongabba. The timetable has changed to Tuesday and Thursday nights but class times …

Adult classes start tomorrow

A quick reminder that we start adults classes tomorrow night at the new venue: upstairs, Nazareth Church hall, 14 Hawthorne St Woolloongabba.  Kids classes start again next week. Remember we have changed the timetable and now train Tuesday and Thursday nights, class times remain the same.  See you on the mats soon.

Aikido 2018, New Dojo, New Nights

Happy New Year to everyone we hope your holidays have been fun. We have secured a new location for our Aikido Dojo in 2018 at the Nazareth Hall, 14 Hawthorn Street, Woolloongabba. The venue is new, well maintained and has ample parking. We will also have new mats that are twice as thick. Timetable Adults …

Class timetable

Woolloongabba Dojo

Nazareth Church Hall
14 Hawthorn Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Tuesday and Thursday nights 

Junior Samurai Children 4-6 years 5:30pm

Senior Shogun Children 7-12 years 6:00pm

Adults 6:45pm – 8:00pm

Classes are not held on Public holidays.
Children’s classes are only held during school term not during school holidays.
Age ranges are not set. Come along to class and we will discuss your needs and suggest a class that is suitable.

The UQ dojo is run by Steve Henderson (2nd Dan) senior instructor. Steve has been practising Aikido for 8 years.

UQ Sport Fitness Centre
Building 25, The University of Queensland
Union Rd, St Lucia

Friday nights.
Adults 6:00pm

More information on UQ classes

Class Fees

Class fees can be paid casually per class, Monthly, or 10 lessons cards.

10 Lesson Cards
Children  $60
Adults      $130
Children $50
Adults     $100
Casual Rates
Children $10
Adults     $20

Annual Subscription
Adults $80
Children $40

Subscriptions run from June to July and registers you as a Student of our dojo which is an affiliate of Kokikai Aikido in Australia. You will be able to practise in any of the dojo located around the country, and attend annual camp with Shuji Maruyama sensei in October. Current subscription also allows recognised gradings in Kokikai Aikido around the world.

About Kokikai Aikido

Aikido is a powerful and effective martial art for self-defence. Our vision is to realise the finest self-defence ability and to develop and apply Kokikai Aikido training to improve the daily lives of Kokikai practitioners.

Kokikai is a Ki style of Aikido, and translates as the group with radiant Ki.

This means that when you see people practising Kokikai Aikido you can see them using their inner power. We can practise to develop this Ki power through training and Ki exercises that help us to become stronger in mind and body. Kokikai is a relaxed and natural form of Aikido where we practise to become more powerful without relying on strength by following the four basic principles. We concentrate on these things to develop better technique and to improve our technique and ourselves in daily life.

Kokikai Aikido founder and President of Aikido Kokikai International Shuji Maruyama Sensei began his study of Aikido in 1955. He lives and teaches at Kokikai headquarters in Nagoya, Japan and comes to Australia to teach every  year.
The natural state is the most powerful.
Aikido Kokikai founder Maruyama Sensei

Keep One Point,
Correct Posture,
Positive Mind.

Shuji Maruyama Sensei, Founder & President